Israeli Combat Shooting (Level 1)
ICS Level 1 is the first course in series of three courses that are designed to introduce a student to the fundamentals of Israeli Combat Shooting as taught to Israeli Police, Military and Special Forces units in Israel and professionals worldwide. This course is open to all civilians regardless of your shooting ability. This course is for beginners, novice and highly experienced shooters.​​​

Course outline:
- Firearm safety in dynamic environment
- Fundamentals of point shooting
- ICS stance
- ICS body mechanics
- Combat grip 
- Pinch Rack
- Weapon deployment
- Proper trigger control
- Weapon readiness 
- Weapon Condition 
- Stage 1,2, 3 malfunctions
- One handed Grip and shooting
- Two handed Grip and shooting
- Quick Reloads 
- Proper scanning modes
- Rapid fire

Israeli Combat Shooting (Level 2)
The ICS Level 2 is the second in series of three courses of Israeli Combat Shooting that will build on skills from Level 1. The training will teach a student efficient handgun manipulation and tactical response while maintaining focus on the fight as taught to Israeli Police, Military and Special Forces units in Israel and professionals worldwide. This course is open to all participants that have completed ICS Level 1​​​​​

Course outline:
- Firearm safety in dynamic environment
- Adoption of operator mindset
- Weapon readiness 
- CQB Tactics
- Closing distance tactics 
-  Prone , back and side positions
- Stopping method
- One / Two handed shooting
- Multiple targets
- Rapid fire
- Movement concepts intro
- Proper balance in a gunfight
- Obstacle Shooting

Israeli Combat Shooting (Level 3)
The ICS Level 3 is the third and the most advanced in series of three courses of Israeli Combat Shooting that will build on skills from Levels 1 and 2. The training will teach a student movement concepts and CQB tactics in urban environment and urban structures as taught to Israeli Police, Military and Special Forces units in Israel and professionals worldwide. This course is open to all participants that have completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses.​​​

Course outline:

- Weapon manipulation under stress
- Physical confrontation
- Weapon retention
- Movement towards cover
- Barricaded shooting
- Room clearing 
- Shooting from difficult positions
- Selective fire
- Shooting from vehicle
- Weak hand pistol manipulation

Israeli Combat Rifle (Level 1 & 2)
This course focuses on the teaching of the Israeli Method of the M4/M16 weapon. (AR-15)  The M-4/AR-15 course is design to introduce all the skills sets needed for building the confidence to work with the AR-15 under the most demanding conditions and situations as taught to the Israeli Defense Forces. (IDF) Our training is intense, realistic and physically demanding. The operator will gain hands on proficiency and confidence once completed this intensive training course. ​​​

- Safety
- 5 Points of Contact
- Loading techniques and fighting stance
- Combat reloading techniques
- Dynamic assault and shooting on the move
- Urban Combat Point Shooting (no aiming)
- Combat Shooting Positions
- Quick Magazine Changes
- Malfunctions
- Speed & Accuracy
- Closing Distance
- Long Distance Shooting
- Aiming and Sight Alignment
- Hand-to-Hand Combat with carbine
- Urban obstacle course

Because we are teaching the Israeli Method, and the M4/M16 are the standard issue rifles and carbines for the IDF, these courses will be limited to M4/AR-15 style weapons in any caliber.

CQB Training (AR15 & Handgun}
​​​​During this one day course, you will learn the same Close Quarters Battle (CQB) techniques that the elite Israeli units Lotar, Duvedavan and Yamam use for anti-terror response.  The Israeli Tactical Point Shooting method is specialized for close quarters combat while operating weapons in the safest and most efficient way. This shooting style is very dynamic, fast, and emphasizes decision making under stress and tough conditions. You will also fully utilize the environment for defense as well as offense.
As is true with all CQB training, you will learn and practice armed movement in, around, and through structures, emphasizing the principles of CQB – high precision application of force delivered with maximum speed, surprise, and violence of action. 
CQB focuses on individuals and teams – analogous to a husband and wife team responding to a Home Invasion scenario, business partners protecting their place of business, time critical active shooter response, or Patrol Officers making high risk entries and clears.
Israeli Combat Handgun and AR15 Courses are required before 
participating in this course is required.

Women's Only Handgun Training
​​Our basic pistol course for women is designed to gain confidence when handling firearms, acquire skills on how to handle firearms in a safe and positive environment.​​​​​​

• Simple and easy to learn
• Enhance body mechanics and muscle memorization
• Prepare to deal with unexpected situations
• Learn fast and useful techniques to use in urban environment
• Gain self confidence with weapon handling

Firearm safety
Familiarization with parts of a semi automatic pistol
Inspection of the pistol and maintenance
Ammo familiarization
Weapon safe handling
Loading ammo
Quick magazine Change
Proper gripping
Presentation of the handgun
Trigger control
Proper body stance

Tactical Shotgun
​​This 1-day firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting and development of aggressive gun-handling skills during tactical deployment of the shotgun for personal protection and home defense for civilains and Law Enforcement.​​​

Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

This firearms training course takes the student beyond the basics of the shotgun and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical when deploying the shotgun for personal defense.

Shotguns must be pump action,12 or 20 gauge and have a side receiver ejection port / loading port. Lever-action and exposed hammer shotguns are not allowed!

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

- Shotgun training safety.
- Principals of personal defense.
- Deployment methodology and concepts.
- Use of the shotgun for home defense.
- Mental conditioning and combat mindset.
- Combat fundamentals of shooting the shotgun.
- The natural action stance.
- Quick Loading / unloading the shotgun.
- Presentation from low ready, high ready, indoor ready positions.
- Combat gun-handling skills.
- Moving off the line of force.
- Threat assessment and area scanning.
- Ammunition management and tactical reloading techniques.
- Transition to secondary weapon system.
- Malfunction clearance drills.
- Multiple threat engagement.
- Engaging threats during continuous movement.
- Fighting with the shotgun at CQB distances.
- Introduction to tactical speed shooting concepts.
- Weapon retention issues. 
- Stress training
- Baricade and Obstacle Shooting

Israeli Combat Shooting, Firearms Training