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Our Instructors have been training together as a team for the past several years. All of our instructors are skilled in the Israeli Hand to Hand Combat System of Krav Maga and the Israeli Combat Shooting Methed. Our training has been done directly under the Chief Commanders, Head Instructors as well as the top security and Counter Terrorism Instructors of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) The Team is headed up by Marty Cale, who has owned and operated his self defense school in Fayetteville, Arkansas for 30 years.
Our Instructor Team has taught some of the highest levels of shooting skills from the West Coast to the East Coast, teaching not only civilians but Military, Law Enforcement and Federal Agents.

​Our Instructor Team is very talented, humble, patient and willing to help. No attitude or egos, only great guys who love to teach and shoot.

Marty Cale, ​​​​Chief Instructor
​​​​​Marty Cale is one of only a handful of Shooting Instructors in the United States qualified and skilled to teach the Israeli Combat Shooting System. He was certified by the top Security and Counter-Terrorism Instructors in Israel. He is skilled in and has taught ALL Levels of Israeli Combat Shooting, Basic (not your average basic course) Intermediate and Advanced Handgun, as well as Tactical Rifle (AR-15) CQB and Tactical Shotgun

Marty Cale has traveled to Israel numerous times and trained in the Israeli Combat System of Krav Maga with Former Chief Commander Ran Nakash, former Head Instructor Itay Danenberg and Danny Netzer current Chief Commander of the Israeli Defense Forces for Krav Maga. Mr. Cale is one of only very few people fortunate enough to train at the IDF Military Training Base. Being a High Level Advanced Instructor in Krav Maga, Mr. Cale has also trained with the Head Instructor Itay Danenberg and Chief Commander Danny Netzer at the National Security Training Academy for Court and Parliment Security Officers, training extensively in VIP Protection, Security, Law Enforcement and Counter -Terrorism as taught to Special Forces Military Units, Security and Elite Law Enforcement officers. Professor Cale has received two different Diplomas from Ran Nakash, Danny Netzer and Itay Danenberg, making him one of only two Americans to receive such Diplomas at the time. Marty Cale has been training in Israeli Combat Shooting techniques and Krav Maga since 1999.

Professor Cale wrote the "Official Training Manual" for Krav Maga Tactical Training Options, a Defensive Tactics Program that has been approved in the U.S by most States and Government enties for Law Enforcement standards.

Marty's experience and methods of teaching cutting edge tactics takes his courses to a level rarely seen. His teaching abilities will impress even the most highly skilled shooters as he has taught Military, Law Enforcement, Security Guards, Federal Agents and other Firearms Instructors.

Marty is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional training available whether for law enforcement agencies or private citizens, large seminars or private lessons, basic or advanced, with an emphasis on friendly hands-on instruction that is simple, effective, affordable, reality-based, motivating, empowering, and most importantly, FUN!


Start training NOW and get the realistic tactical skills you need to survive in a world full of crime and terrorism.
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