Israeli Combat Shooting

The Israeli tactical shooting method is based on actual and practical performance. As it been developed and upgraded over years of experience, the Israeli shooting method has distinct advantage that has been proving itself highly effectively time after time.

The guiding principle of the Israeli shooting method is to quickly neutralize the threat in the simplest and most instinctive way possible.

To achieve its high effectiveness, the Israeli tactical shooting method integrates aggressiveness, determination, speed and accuracy. Stress factor is also introduced into our training regimen in order to accustom trainees to the typical pressures associated with actual events. It has become the preferred choice of many professional agencies around the world, due to its simplicity, based on the instinctive reaction to stimulus which occurs under stress. Our courses of Instruction will take you step by step to achieve superior handgun and rifle skills for rapid reaction to fluid conditions. 

We are dedicated to presenting proessional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare Law Enforcement officers, First responders, armed professionals and civilians to win deadly force confrontations by providing advanced Tactical Training and customized Anti-terrorism practical solutions.

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